H1+H4 Headlight Bulb Upgrade Bulbs

- Striking Blue/White light
- Up to 20% more luminance for added visibility
- Finished with a silver cap for use in clear glass headlights
- Cooler calming light and easier on the eyes
- Become more obvious to other road users

A simple change to a higher quality, more powerful and higher visibility bulb could make a major impact to safety at any time of the year and in any weather condition.


The ideal lamp for drivers who want to drive with more light for greater safety.
Thanks to a specially-developed high output coil and the blue ring coating, the headlight lamps of the NIGHT BREAKER product family

  • shine up to 90% more light on the street*
  • have an up to 35 m longer beam*
  • put out up to 10% whiter light*

*compared with standard lamps

The lengthened light cone illuminates dangers and obstacles significantly earlier for additional reaction time that can save lives!
The whiter light of NIGHT BREAKER also improves driving comfort and reduces dangerous eyestrain.
In addition, the patented blue ring coating leads to less glare for the driver: the clearly focused light beam concentrates the light 75 to 100 m in front of the vehicle, exactly where you need it.
NIGHT BREAKER's unique design improves the looks of your headlights. The typical silver cap (H4, H7, H11) and the blue ring coating make a striking impression.